What To Expect During A Visit

<p> Upon entering the doors of our  clinic, you will be warmly greeted by one of our staff. Should you need  an interpreter, we have one on site.</p>
<p>If  it is your first visit to the Clinic, a complete medical history will  be taken. Once this has been completely filled out, you will be taken  back to a private examination room. A nurse practitioner will come in,  look over your medical information, and discuss why you are there.  Whether it be for a pelvic exam for cervical cancer testing, the need  for birth control, or your concern that you many have a  sexually-transmitted disease, we are here for you.</p>
<p>Our  goal is to listen, examine, answer questions, and offer solutions for  whatever issue you may have. We want to put YOU in charge of your  reproductive health and family planning.</p>


Central Iowa Family Planning - Terms and Conditions

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