Birth Control

Talking with Your Partner

Talking Is Important

Talking about birth control is one way of showing that you care–about yourself and your partner.
Discussing your questions, doubts or fears with your partner can help bring you closer. This is no time for guessing. Pregnancy is a major event in anyone’s life.
One birth control method–the condom–can also protect you from STD(sexually transmitted disease), including HIV.

STD’s can make both men and women unable to have children. Properly using certain forms of Birth Control can prevent them. HIV/Aids can be life threatening. Properly using certain forms of Birth Control can prevent them.

People often have trouble talking about birth control. They don’t want to admit to themselves that they are having sex.

If you’re afraid to talk about sex, you may need to think about whether you’re ready to be having sex. What you and your partner decide about birth control can affect the rest of your lives.

Birth Control Makes Good Sense

Don’t worry if talking about birth control seems “unromantic.” Making sure you’re protected won’t spoil anything. But not protecting yourself can change your life forever.
Using birth control doesn’t have to take away from sexual pleasure. Many couples make birth control a part of making love.
For example, a partner can help insert a diaphragm or put on a condom. Being sensitive to each other’s needs is part of being close.
You’ll probably feel more comfortable when you know you’re protected. Freedom from worry can make sex more relaxing and enjoyable for both partners.

Getting Ready to Talk

Before you talk with your partner:

Find Out The FactsFind out the facts about condoms, the pill, diaphragm, IUD and other methods. Decide Which MethodDecide which method is best for you and why. It will be easier to talk to your partner if you are sure of yourself. Plan the TalkThink about how you want the talk to go. Being clear, calm, open and honest when you speak can help your partner respond in the same way. Ask a FriendAsk a close friend how she or he handled a discussion about birth control. Comparing ideas with a friend can be helpful. It can also give you practice talking about the subject.

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