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Asking For Help

It may be easier for both of you if another person is present–especially when you need answers to questions.
People at health care and birth control clinics have lots of experience. Seek their advice.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No one expects you to know all the answers–that’s why you’re asking for information and advice in the first place.
Don’t leave your future to chance. And don’t assume your partner will be offended if you want to discuss birth control. Chances are, he or she has been trying to bring up the subject with you!

Plan What to Say You should have a general plan of what you plan to say. Pick a Good Moment Pick a good moment to bring up the subject. Don’t wait until you’ve started to have sex. Then it may be hard to slow down and talk about birth control. Say Something Like “It’s not easy for me to say this, but I want to talk about birth control.” Or “Let’s be safe and use a condom”. Tell your partner what you know about birth control and how you feel about using it. Keep a Sense of Humor Being able to laugh together can make it easier to talk about sensitive subjects.

Talking Tips

Talking about sex is never easy. Almost everyone goes through some embarrassing moments.

Be honest about what you think and feel.

Don’t accuse or blame your partner. It’s hard to talk when one person is upset. (This often happens after an unplanned pregnancy, when couples didn’t talk about birth control!)

Remember to Listen. Let your partner know you understand his or her point of view. Ask questions if you’re not clear on what your partner is saying.

Feeling embarrassed is natural. You may not get past the shyness the first time you try to talk. Your partner may need time to think about what you’ve said. Be prepared to talk about it again.

You may not agree on what to do. You may not even agree that you need to talk. Relax. Try again later.

Don’t have sex until you talk. Remind your partner how important birth control is to you.

Don’t expect to talk only once. It’s important to keep talking about this important topic.


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